Park Mall Airsoft Tournament beginning tomorrow in Cebu

A few people may be wondering where I have been the last few days well its Airsoft time iSKALAWAG (the team im in) are at a tournament that begins tomorrow at Park Mall in Mandaue. Should be a busy event and if your interested in the sport an ideal time to go and view the game and see what goes on..

Ive also developed another site for the team aswell as to help intergrate information into one place for the game in Cebu :- your welcome to visit and ask questions. Well im off to prep up for tomorrow hope to see a few of you tomorrow if you make it over to Park Mall. A bit of info from

A.F.O.C :-

Everyone is INVITED…
FIRST CEBU AIRSOFT SHOW at the PARKMALL in Mandaue on March 18 until the 22nd, 2009. the show will showcase 4 hobbyshops namely: Justin’s Hobby Depot, QBC Sporting Supply, Blutac Hobbyshop, Foxhole Hobbyshop and etc. to display their merchandise and sell at discounted prices on selected airsoft items.
the show will also feature the first Parkmall Close Quarter Combat Simulation entitled Operation: Ace of Spades. a gruelling and yet exciting tournament different from the usual CQB tournaments happening in the airsoft community.
Mission brief: a high value target is located at the reclaimed lot in Mandaue City specifically in a mall situated right beside an international convention center. This target is responsible for countless terrorist attacks in the region and is known to have with him weapons for mass destruction or WMD in which he hid in an unspecified location.
Your mission is to capture this high value target located in this heavily fortified mall. Beware of security personnel and civilians who might be caught in the cross fire.
Mission detail:
Phase 1- secure and locate informant who can identify the high value target, codename: Ace of Spades, clear the area of targets but be careful of civilians. Bring the informant with you. In case the informant is hit in the crossfire, search him for intelligence
Phase 2- infiltrate and eliminate security force inside the building but be aware of civilians who may be posed as shields.
Phase 3- enter the high value target fortress beware of civilians while eliminating tangos.
Phase 4- locate and neutralize sniper. To neutralize it, locate the destruct button located somewhere in the bunker.
Phase 5- locate and secure the high value target: Ace of Spades using the informant to identify him. Beware of booby traps that will alert the rest of his guards and jeopardize the mission. Be informed that the Ace of Spades is an expert bomb maker. So check before you take him into custody,
Good luck men…
A) poppers and tango target boards(not fired) +3 minutes to total run time
B) hit civilians and friendly target boards +3 minutes to total run time
C) hit informant +10 mins. To total run time
D) hit high value target +30 mins. To total run time and
   Mission failed
Extra notes:
-all tango target boards must be hit twice. One hit on it will mean + 2 mins. to total run time.
-for every hit of a friendly target board will mean + 3 mins to total run time.
Rules and Regulations:
all players must only stay at the designated holding area prior to the team run.
All aegs and pistols must be kept in the gun bags. You can only take out your aegs and pistols when inside the game site.
Fps limit is 450. chronograph will be done before the teams runtime. If your aegs or pistols exceed the limit an automatic man down will be imposed on the team.
Hit players are not allowed to proceed with the round. And must exit the game area right away, guns up, arms up.
Players are only allowed one primary weapon and one secondary weapon.
Limited ammo will be imposed upon entry.
Players shall not fire at any targets not part of the game. Do not fire your airsoft guns on the ceiling.
Do not fire at umpires and marshals or a penalty will be imposed which is +10 mins. To total runtime.