Outsourcing paperwork to the Philippines from the UK makes sense even for the smallest documents

I see technology advancing in the future and you look at any spy in the movies or even a business person their backbone is the person on the end of the phone. The Philippines outsourcing market is developing but everyone thinks corporations but what about you? What about you as a small business stuck on the phone most of the time as a small business yet you have 101 things to do but a good PA could do it for you but you can’t afford one and the person who does your accounts gets bogged down and even she wants £10+ an hour to sort that out. An introduction in the UK of a new minimum wage above £6 is also about to cripple the economy but what can an island in the Pacific do to solve the issues and save you money?

I look at me here im not exactly sitting pretty but the difference is that for the £60 a week it costs for your accounts you can get someone here to not only do your accounts but your phone calls 24/7 on a UK number meaning you never have to be out of the office. Is it worth it? lets look it at the other way my salary in the UK is around £120,000 a year but took an early retirement (in my 30s to be with my wife) at the same time I am a business man who can’t sleep with unspent energy. You gain someone here in Asia with over 20years experience in companies of over £6million but who has also owned many companies himself the smallest being built from £400 to £53,000 in assets within 6 months. Can your sales people do the same? That’s the difference and why companies are happy to take me on even in a recession the reason I am here in the Philippines is down to having two young children and a wife otherwise  I would be raking it in back in the UK. Which opens up the question do you want to spend £60 a week on a paper shuffler or spend the same on a business man in the Philippines who could hammer the competition for the same money?

Wait why don’t you do it locally? I don’t like business here I do develop concepts and other things regularly and to be honest my income grows at around 8% a month but everything is slow here in processing and getting motivated to the next level also its riddled with corruption which even in this climate I still work around to function at the same time sourcing in China or other parts of Asia is still available but simply I have no personal interest in expanding into those markets doesn’t mean I can’t do it for others though. Why? because my chain of people I would sell to in the UK has reduced over the years because I am not there! which is why an importer to the UK would also benefit from my knowledge base as I also have people in China and India for sourcing and not in the wholesale basis but close associates that can be trusted on a commission basis for finders fees.

Does make you wonder with all those things going on in the UK though how much could you outsource to save money. Even down to google searching for the best prices on a product to emailing your entire client base on an individual basis. What about tax returns or maybe a call from us to tell you your car tax is up tomorrow or within 7 days depending on the person involved. The Philippines can offer your PA at your fingertips on a smaller salary but in a much bigger way that can only help develop your company.

2 comments for “Outsourcing paperwork to the Philippines from the UK makes sense even for the smallest documents

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    April 10, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Maybe next time you reply trying to cause trouble may pay to actually put your name? This is a big problem with the internet the little people hiding behind a keyboard with a small amount of information quoting a fake big picture yet.. I wonder what goes on in someones life that they have to do it? As its well known I ruffle feathers all the time with the BS on the internet but guess what I put my name to it and stick to it.. people like yourself obviously could learn a lot from being able to do the same as you would have to put up with people’s replies when talking gibberish.

  2. CScounsulting
    April 10, 2011 at 7:19 am

    This works and has saved our clients money. Initially we had problems getting the business setup as building client confidence took time especially with so many power failures in our first 6 months but now they wouldn’t go back. One business idea we do is seminar and conference confirmations as well as replies. Works a treat as its labour intensive at the same time our clients have seen a steady number of increased people going along and with that improved sales. For us although we are looking at other parts of Asia for a more stable infrastructure the Philippines is ok for now as it just about functions. If they start this nonsense with capping bandwidths and it starts to affect us we will seriously have to look elsewhere sooner. Its bad enough to have to keep a generator on site just for the hours we have power down time.