Our shipping container home

With the second apartment completed and a bit of a move in the way we are going to work in the Philippines I am starting to plan ahead on our shipping container home or at least modular home if containers aren’t used and April my wife had found these photos a couple of years back when we decided to go with a simple home which today when digging through the photos decided its going to be the way we go with construction. Using natural cooling as much as possible as well as maximising our land area we are going to build upwards instead of outwards as I hope to start a plant nursery in the future. Maybe not for resale locally as I am keen to grow our own produce and with it taking little time each day to water etc. would make sense to keep a lot of the plants ourselves. Anyway this style of house seems ideal for our needs as well as when friends/family visit we can separate some room/modules off so they have a bit of privacy with their own entrance and balcony at the same time still functioning as a modest home.multi layered container home idea

multi layered container home idea

Another important factor is this style of house can be build in sections allowing us to construct as and when we have free budget to do so. I want to limit any construction to under P2million including buying another lot. Which may seem a bit tight to some and too much to others but its mainly land I am after for the gardening but a lot of the concrete work I am likely to carry out myself to make sure its done right. Concrete level “from the ground up”. Instead of mistakes all the way up as often its a case of nobody cares about the next guy here which is why you get so many poor finishes on properties. If the walls and floors are level then its likely the rest of the things like tiling will be level as well. Plumbing and electrics I will definitely be doing myself to reduce the risk of doing 2 – 3 times as most plumbing is sub standard at best here. On top of the fact people love to bury everything in concrete instead of leaving things accessible for maintenance which is a nightmare considering many of the fittings often leak on first usage due to poor joints and poor materials. Anyway will be an interesting voyage and if you notice in the bottom photo they have added drainage holes in the walls something many people forget to do in construction projects which can have some dire affects.