Our combined business – Internet cafe / Sari-Sari / Phone load / Clothing and handbags

One of the most common things you will here is how many businesses are simply not worth the time to setup and run. Simply a money pit and to a degree many are as a singular opportunity. The key to success is combinations of businesses that can work together. Having the Net-cafe encourages people to buy from the Sari-Sari the Sari-Sari in turn generates business for the Net-Cafe and customers for the Phone load. The main thing is the ability to run the businesses with what was originally one person is now two with a third now operating the clothing and handbags business. Now its not always about profit as well I hear so often people complaining about family members not valuing money. The number of students that decide to just drop out of school after being paid for by others is a frustration of many expats well here is an opportunity to get them to work for it before they get that far so you can see their dedication.

The thing is these types of businesses can either operate as a family venture or for a single person, they won’t make you rich but at the same time you will find its not hard work most of the time either. You will find you can cover most if not all your expenses plus a bit extra if run right and at a good location. Your probably thinking you need to be on a main road, you don’t ours is actually in a sub-road but we are the best stocked Sari-Sari in the nearby area and the biggest internet cafe. The other advantage our neighbouring houses have is they know their kids are safe within our own area. Area being defined as virtually a barangay as a lot of our customers come from around a mile away across the fields.

I seen a house last year that I hope we can get a budget together to buy shortly as I can see the same opportunity working there and due to its distance approx 3-4miles away from where we currently are we wouldn’t be stealing our own customers. Its a method that will continue to grow and its a business venture that we are now starting to upgrade the computers in which will leave us spare machines for the next cafe to get started.

I just wanted to update people on the fact these businesses can and do work where a lot of people go wrong is having other people run them who have little or no interest in them. You have to be hands on at least for the first six months until you find out how the business ticks over as well as who you can rely on.

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    October 20, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Its doing well its also expanded out to having a lot of resellers which are cross selling products aswell so everyone is helping everyone else. Proving that the best way in business is to share opportunities as everyone will prosper.