Organic food – Viable?

I often hear people telling me that growing your own isn’t viable and the current vertical garden shows the yields from a tiny space and also the fact when looking through the herbs at the mall most seem to be P200 – P300 per kg I start to get a picture its not that it isn’t viable its down to marketing. The big issue for me is I don’t want to seem the guy with the knitted sweater and beard in some hippy commune and more that its viable for the average person to do things without even trying. We have people buying branches off various plants already everyday as they know they are good for them which pretty much shows the possibility is there but what about education? People pay P1 upwards for vitamins every day yet it can all grow in the garden. What if I started splitting up our herb garden and started growing them selling in P100 clumps (which was the price we paid for ones we are missing). Would people buy? I don’t think most locals would buy into the idea but I do know those that could afford are starting to develop a knowledge of food and the fact most of the daily produce here is dire. I was in the mall today and looking around I thought fats, msg, e-numbers and nothing of value either in calories our usefulness as people here in the Philippines are yet to bite into the health business.

Is it wrong? I don’t think so I think our biggest problem on healthy eating is we are south of those who concentrate in wealthy suburbs. Those areas want the healthy option, they understand it and often have an outside education which means the crap they tout on TV like me they don’t believe in! Green and organic is the future even though most people still don’t buy into it.