Oregon Scientific ATC 3K – Great budget underwater camcorder

image As a few of you are aware I have been wanting to buy a camera for underwater diving etc. but I also forgot I own an underwater camcorder that I haven’t used at all. Literally bought it for diving etc over a year ago and its been sat in its box.

When we went to Negros though it gave me the opportunity to test it, I wasn’t expecting fantastic results as its a cheap camera but gave it a test run while we were at the sea sanctuary. Now the sound features I have still to test but as it wasn’t the role I originally wanted it for not really a problem. But the picture quality I was impressed with considering its got a small lens opening and uploaded today on YouTube (videos below).

One thing is for sure next time the snorkeling gear is going with us as I couldn’t go out far because of the sharp coral and the waves coming in. Main thing though is the camera did its job a lot better than expected and I would recommend it to others. Not complicated to use and its controls are a bit limited at the same time if diving are you going to be messing around with buttons? I just want on and off!

Second video is low light as the banka docked to take us back to Bindoy. Also quality here isn’t fantastic but more than enough for youtube etc. Also I have another camcorder for this type of video but wanted to test the Oregon Scientific ATC 3k out to see how it performed. Now the drawback on the camera is it doesn’t have a viewing display to see what your recording at the same time it was designed for sports and diving. It comes with the attachments for a helmet and several other things. So not having a display is one less thing to break and to be honest its more useful strapped to your arm than messing around with it.

2 comments for “Oregon Scientific ATC 3K – Great budget underwater camcorder

  1. July 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Who would have guessed anything of quality could come from Oregon?

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      July 7, 2011 at 1:18 pm

      Always skeptical when buying things cheap as obviously a good underwater camcorder doesn’t come cheap but this one is functional and I think its more the fact its got no bells and whistles that its cheap. But then again I can’t see the point of having all the extras if I am diving and videoing at the same time makes it a bit awkward..

      I’m sure there are many good things from Oregon..