Opinion of why Asian women marry and seek foreign husbands.

A lot of people look at it as a slave trade. A false marriage. But it’s often as far from reality than people realise. Most women I have come across are looking for a foreign husband due to seeing a life change in friends or family they know. As well as the fact many have had problems with ex partners who either disappear after children are born or have multiple sexual partners. There is a pedestal foreign men are put on. Firstly they are wealthy and to be honest if you have an income of over £12,000 a year your almost a millionaire if not already in most of the Asian countries. There is a belief that foreign men are loyal and more likely to take care of family. As well as the fact if you’re an asian woman with children you are no longer desirable to an asian man. You may think I don’t know what I am talking about but if you take a look at China and India who have a high death rate in female children for different reasons  a female has little status in a lot of Asian societies. But the truth is a western man is more likely to treat the woman as an equal, listen and share ideas and situations rather than dominate and control.

So who in they’re right mind wouldn’t want to leave that society? Often foreign men don’t only take on a partner but help the family progress and often pull many members out of the poverty trap. Is it a false marriage? To be honest I don’t think so in most cases because the women I know really do love they’re husbands they are “thankful” for the life that has been injected by having a man in they’re life that really can change they’re world. But they are also in it for life. A life partner not a ATM and rob blind.

It doesn’t mean it’s all so lucky, I know of many stories of men in they’re later part of life being killed by girlfriends/wife’s or robbed of everything they own. But I haven’t heard as many stories of people within they’re own age groups having the same problem. Life is for enjoying and sharing, getting the balance right is more important than anything. If a story is reported in the press regarding a Filipino – expat marriage the expat will always be the villan and from the expat community the female will always be the guilty. My advice to anyone is get to know the partner don’t walk in with an open cheque book but open arms. Learn,understand and understand this is for life not for the moment. I have met many Filipinos and some I don’t trust but the majority I do within they’re own circles.