Open plan apartment for rent Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines – P6,000 per month + bills

Kento our long term resident headed off to Japan a few days ago and knowing he is keen to move in the downstairs apartment on return we will be looking to rent out the 1st floor apartment. Its semi furnished and comes with a sofa bed if a metal frame bed is wanted it can be swapped with the bed downstairs. This is a STUDIO apartment and open plan the reason behind that was to allow good airflow in the building to reduce the need for cooling fans. It also has high ceilings and available for P6,000 a month. If short term renting its available at P2,000 per week and the minimum rental period being one week but you MUST clarify your terms of rent in advance so we have notice of when you plan on vacating the property to allow further bookings. At the same time ideally we are looking for a long term tenant rather than weekly. 

vFolding sofa bed in lounge/bed area

 kitchen areawet room with toilet   TV - NO CABLE if you want it you need to install it


Important bits of information :-

  • Property has a ceiling fan and a wall fan NOT air conditioning if you choose to want air conditioning you would need to purchase it. Due to being upstairs generally we find that airflows straight through the property often meaning the fans aren’t used except on really hot days.
  • The apartment comes with a TV, Refrigerator, sofa bed (can swap for a metal frame bed), gas hob, toaster oven upon agreement of taking the property photos will be taken of all equipment and any damage will be taken from the deposit upon leaving the residence. Same as neglect of cleaning etc. will also constitute damage and will cause loss of deposit for replacement.
  • There is no electric shower water is fed from a large tank held on a tower allowing water 24/7 although it is not hot generally its normal in the Philippines for only a cold water feed. If you decide you need an electric shower we are willing to let you install but will require that it is earthed (grounded) property for safety reasons.
  • Deposit is a total of P18,000 upon occupancy this broken down is 1 months advanced rental and 2 months deposit. Rent payment is expect to be paid on the same date every month and not doing so will be seen as a breach of contract if payment is late.
  • Property is NOT suitable for Sexpats due to its location within a family orientated community for several reasons mainly the security of the neighbourhood being the priority.
  • Parking is limited and only accessible for motorcycles.
  • The location is MINGLANILLA which is approx 30mins south of Cebu city, easy bus access and jeepney to the city as well as taxis frequenting the main road. We have several malls within 15mins of the property as well as 2 hospitals and schools.
  • The property is ideal for 1 – 2 people.

Any other questions please email