Open Pinoy Customer is king??

We have recently bought some surplus computers from a company in Manila called OpenPinoy which to be fair are cheap. The problem is by the fact we had to send 3 monitors back out of the 12 we bought they don’t seem to check any of the equipment to see if it actually works. On top of that we have to shoulder the burden of the costs in both directions. Now its not really a moan post but more of a thing to be aware of as like most companies these days once they get your money or tie you into a contract your the last thing they have an interest in. Our new internet connection has also been lousy but it seems its more to do with the fact of the ISP being over subscribed than anything else which is something I experienced in the UK with Bulldog (after 6 months still no internet). Its not just the fact the items are faulty or just don’t work at all but the attitude of the companies that go with it.

A friend of mine a while back was talking about British people and how they react with companies. That if they manage to break the stranglehold of a badly performing company they are not only unlikely to never go back they would rather pull their own teeth first. Which is partially true, I will never use the HSBC bank and if they buy a bank I’m with I will swiftly change my account to another bank.

Companies have become arrogant which is why there is opportunity out there for business development. I hear people tell me of looking for Niche markets but why not look at one that can be managed better or possible to steal customers easily. There are a lot of things we do because we are stuck with one provider. If there is something that can be developed out of someone else`s poor performance then I can only say they have themselves to blame. Will I be using OpenPinoy in the future? Well to be honest I offer this advice which someone else told me. If buying Surplus machines try to go branded as there is a good chance an “original” Windows operating system came with it and Emailing the company is likely to get you the software for free (as it was already paid for by HP/Samsung for example). Don’t buy TG from OpenPinoy as they didn’t come bundled and I struggled to get an email response out of TG. It was only by contacting TG in the U.S. who then supplied me an email of TG in Korea that I managed to get a single response that  was useless. The Power supply leads supplied by OpenPinoy are not only very short but don’t fit the monitors properly due to thin casings on the input side to the monitor/transformer. Lucky enough I had spare I brought from the UK no point asking them to replace “incorrect” leads. The only real benefit of OpenPinoy is its cheap I wont buy new machines from them as its comparable to what I would pay locally and I really want a machine that is operational and tested. What I couldn’t believe is they tried to sell me Windows 7 for the TG machines that are way under Spec for that O/S and no doubt once they took my P2,500+ per machine would have no intention of refunding when it didn’t work properly. I do have a contact in Cebu that will do “legal” installs of XP Pro if anyone is interested for P1,000

2 comments for “Open Pinoy Customer is king??

  1. meg
    September 20, 2011 at 7:43 am

    sooo these means you won’t recommend their store at all? cuz I was actually planning to get the LG that says it is “pre owned” .. I don’t know much about the technical stuffs so yeah, I guess this post is somehow helpful.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      September 20, 2011 at 9:33 am

      Are you in Manila? We live in Cebu a monitor cost P3,000 each when we bought them and we have had 5 fail in 12 months. At the same time the failures when they arrived initially we had to pay for the transit from Cebu to Manila and back. Now considering the AOC monitor I am using on this PC today cost P5,000 brand new and came with a 1 year guarantee in a store nearby. I would advise buying new and from a trusted store unless your buying quantity goods for an internet cafe etc. on a limited budget.