Online Philippines dating advice for guys!

I have spent years in the Philippines and seen people come and go. But also seen scams galore as well as what makes a happy couple. Knowing what I do today I can roughly tell from how couples are how long the relationship will last.

But a lot of this starts with the online dating and many guys seek out their match on dating sites. Personally I advise against making a commitment via a dating site and only online meetings. But it does allow you to meet people without physically sitting in the country for long periods of time. Allowing the reducing of time spent with people in person, yet increasing the chances of meeting the Ying to your Yang.

But it also comes with its flaws, this many people going through the system ultimately means there is also those out there who not only get opportunity to scam people. But also get plenty of opportunity to practice and home in they’re technique due to the high volume of guys looking to meet Filipino women.

But this is why taking your time is key to making the right choices, you can find traits that scammers use. But you can also find genuine women who often become swamped surrounded by online scammers, making it difficult for them to be found online. The rose amongst the thorns can sometimes be a long-term search online, but there is no rush as you have already waited almost a lifetime to meet. A few months more won’t hurt to make sure you have met the right person and they feel the same way.