Online dating advice for Filipina’s.

When looking for a husband online it can be a bit of a daunting task but also being practical and laying out what you want in life is important.

I see so many relationships where guys lay down what they want in life, yet if you ask the woman what she wants the reply is “up to you”. This isn’t a relationship and personally it shows a lack of commitment or direction into the marriage. Up to you is like saying “this will do for now”, which is something nobody wants.

This is why I recommend Filipino women thinking what they actually want to do and achieve in life beyond having a family. But also being aware the foreigners being sought after aren’t always knights in shining armour. My time in the Philippines I have never seen so many people with bipolar conditions, I have never seen so many drunks and other traits that would have so many Western women run for the hills.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it should be two way. Everyone needs to be happy but also heading in the right direction means both parties are committed to the marriage. The biggest part of that from early stages of meeting is good communication and reinforcing at every opportunity what makes you and them happy so you both retain what is important to you as well as lifetime goals.