Old photos in new times

matt and april tubod 2007 minglanilla

Im sat here with April sleeping behind me as she is always busy as usual when she should be resting in the morning before I get up. Searching through my Facebook for something to do I came across this photo. It may not seem that important to other people but it pretty much shows the happiness and closeness we have had since we met. Our lives have never been the same and I think its important to others to always keep photos near at hand when things get hard or difficult. There will be many trials that come along and often we forget why we came here in the first place. The photos quickly was that away to better times and strong memories. I seen April then as putting the life back into me and these days although things have slipped into the daily routine scenario (end of the honeymoon period) you still have to remember your here for each other nothing else. I know some days I just feel like getting on a flight back to the UK but also I know that as soon as I get to the airport I will be missing my wife. Frustration and hardships come along but the main thing is staying strong together. Aprils having a bit of a rough time at the moment with the pregnancy which sort of leaves me at a loose end most of the time as I try to encourage her to sleep and eat more rather than do anything else. Now the apartment is finished, Jovie is back in the netcafe makes me wonder what I can do with my time. Financially we took a bit of a strain the last few months due to some incompetent workers who left many jobs to be done twice which obviously has a huge affect on budgeting. So I sit in limbo giving time for everything to improve only problem with that is that I have never been one to sit still. Im bouncing ideas around to try and find something positive to be doing and currently its all out of reach which is why I came to be looking at photos in the first place..