Old Body Young Mind Living In The Philippines

I am certainly no spring chicken, I may not be able to limbo but I can still dance, swim and generally living a full life.

So why is it before I left Manchester I felt so old? I have my own teeth, I don’t need glasses and pretty much have my full sanity. But here is the differences that I quickly realised when I started living in the Philippines.

Filipino’s talk to me, in the UK most people seem to distance themselves from older generations and certainly wouldn’t want to take the time out to have a chat. My neighbours would wave and say bye as the headed off for work but at Christmas the cards only went one way. As you get older in the UK you become invisible and unneeded sad to say.

Living in the Philippines though there is no old just people, ok I realise I am not the 30 year old with the double D cup that guys would struggle to keep their eyes off. They are still there but certainly not in the same shape after gaining a few pounds. My husband died in an a work related accident a few years ago and I got tired of just seeing my empty home without him in it. The life was gone that I once had.

It was in the last year though I came across Tropicalpenpals.com and more importantly the person who writes it. He writes in a way that is pretty blunt most of the time which no doubts put people off sometimes but its for that same reason I keep reading.

I made the jump to come here and at least try to rebuild my life and hopefully find a new man in my life. There is still life in this old goose yet and nobody ever discusses the fact that foreign women are desirable to many Filipino men. It does seem a bit of a different setup to the way a lot of the older men here go about things looking for young women because simply I am looking for a man not a boy. I am sure most women would be the same, I have had a few dates and personally I just enjoy the company and the experiences of living in the Philippines.