Old and the Young

This post is going to annoy a few people but the reason I’m stating it is for reality reasons. Many many (yes twice!) blogs and forums will tell you that its normal for a guy of 60/70+ to be dating a woman who is 18+ in the Philippines and to be honest I don’t really care if you do or not, because I understand the argument from both sides. If i was living in a Nipa hut and watching flies fly round a small plate of rice while my brothers and sisters couldn’t afford to go to school and my life was more to do with getting the food on the table than getting a career I understand. The same for the guy who has normally outlived his wife or fed up with divorce with enough money in his pocket to live the good life in the Philippines or live in a small house in the U.S. I get it ! But what people need to wake up to is if your an old guy looking for a young woman she is neither stupid or seeing you as someone respected as age (at the beginning at least). Over time you will discover if love can stand the test of time and develop a real relationship. Its nothing to do with you being respected as an elder but as a foreigner you carry a big wallet and offer security. Something that is missing from most lives in this country. I write this not to annoy people but I hope they will realise that life is black and white for at least the first twelve months. After that a woman hopefully will see a kindness that develops into love for the man.. and the man will understand that although his new found love is young and beautiful he should help in a way that will protect her future ( She will very likely out live you).

Now I have heard a lot of things over the last 2 years due to the fact that I listen more than I speak. One of the things that come up is the houses, don’t buy your partner a huge house! its unsellable its impossible to keep up the bills. Buy a few P1m houses or apartments/condos. Something that is easily filled with tenants. If you are no longer around otherwise you are offering a token gesture of a castle with no king to fill it.

For all those Filipinas out there please listen for the next 5 minutes.. Old or young take marriage as a golden path it can lead you into a direction of happiness if you steer the course. Destroy it then it will crumble not only for you but for others to come. Life in the Philippines is hard but there are a lot of people scamming for money don’t get caught up in this love and protect your husband overall because he can and will provide love and support for today and the future of not only you but your family. Many people will tell you that your relationship is false because of your age gap but prove them wrong put value in the marriage. Listen to advice from family but if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t… most importantly enjoy life. Its too short to abuse and there is no re-run.