Official meeting times in the Philippines

This is something that causes stress to a lot of foreigners in the Philippines. Basically its the time to be at a court,LTO,Immigration or anything else that has a specific time to be there. 9/10 people will be late and by upto a few hours sometimes. How do you get round this? You call the office before you go for example Zoei’s (our daughter) doctor has a surgery nearby and the receptionist knows to call our house to tell us the doctor has arrived rather than us waiting. A judges clerk knows for example if the judge is still out at lunch or off sick that day. Everything is about using the clerks to discover the times that the officials are going to be there. So the main thing is to be nice, the clerk or clark is used to getting hassle off people as no doubt they get the brunt of most people waiting. But on the other side being nice and maybe having your partner have a chat on the phone when you arrange the meeting etc. You can find out if the person will be there on time or not.

For those of you who don’t know there is an expression called “Filipino Time” used by not only foreigners but people from the Philippines will say it as a joke because they know exactly what it means. For example when we have airsoft meetings we will arrange to meet at 8 – 10am which actually means 12 – 1pm turn up early and you will be sat alone for a couple of hours.. BUT if you use your head you text the others who are going and ask them to text you when on route. Which leaves you the morning to have breakfast and do your bits and pieces around the house before you head off.

Main thing is finding a solution, its easy to get frustrated but remember you are in the Philippines and you work to they’re rules. Even if sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. The important factor is finding a solution to whatever problem is arising.

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