Obtaining a Driver's License in the Philippines

Foreigners who plan to drive a vehicle in the Philippines can use their foreign licenses for upto 3 months. If you stay in the Philippines over 3 months and wish to drive a vehicle, a Philippine driver’s license must be obtained.

The following are the requirements for a foreign license holder who wants to acquire or convert their foreign license to a Philippine driver’s license.

  1. Original and clear copy of the foreign license
  2. An English translation of the license, if written in foreign language, must be provided by the Embassy where the license was issued
  3. Original and clear copy of the passport with the personal data, latest entry and visa extension stamps
  4. Medical exam result from an LTO approved physician, hospital or clinic
  5. Negative Drug Test (urine) result from any DOH accredited drug testing centre
  6. Positive written and practical examination for professional license applicant or for expired foreign license
  7. Filled Application Form

Take a trip to your local Land Transportation Office (LTO), the earlier the better, with the requirements listed above. The medical exam and drugs test can be done locally (if unsure where, your local LTO can inform you) and are relatively simple and quick. Wait your turn, pay you fee of P347.80 and go home with your new license.

Note: The LTO may provide you with a temporary license depending on your place of application. If this is the case, a permanent license will be issued to you at a later date.