Number of foreigners killed in the Philippines per year

Its a statistic I struggle to find on the internet and to be honest to find the number of foreigners killed in the Philippines I would probably need to go to every embassy site and collate the data myself. But on top of that what does it mean?

In reality its an unfair statistic as anyone who’s been here a while will tell you the Philippines does seem to be the Mecca of misfits due to the high volume of people who shouldn’t be here in a sense aren’t mentally or physically fit. If you take into account most foreigners here are 60+ what’s that tell you about  how the figures are going to be a bit one sided? What about the fact that generally murders happen from time to time but more often than not its obvious the foreigner was doing something they shouldn’t which can often lead to things getting dangerous.

If your here minding your own business in general most people will say hello etc and the best thing is to leave it at that. The problems seem to amount when people start interfering in local politics, with local girls (e.g. married + at least one girlfriend) or involved in business. The last group I would say are the high number of suicides the figures don’t seem to be recorded on that which then draws back to a Catholic country as it would be a sin to take ones life so how many people are signed off by a medical examiner as “natural causes” when they killed themselves? (gets back to the mental health).

Someone mentioned Thailand to me recently but I will say the difference with Thailand from the statistics I got before was that 1million British tourists visit there compared to 70,000 to the Philippines but on top of that how many settle in both countries? (haven’t got figures on that!) but I would think the number of settlers in the Philippines could be higher as people generally spend 2 weeks in Thailand on holiday which does mean the mentality is slightly different in a lot of cases because for many the Philippines is escapism where Thailand is either a relaxing holiday or some kind of partying.

Are there a crazy amount of guns in the Philippines? of course, do they have a high mortality rate? yes but in most cases its Filipino’s killing Filipino’s over everything from trivial drinking disputes to killing a business or political rival. A flip flop wearing retiree minding his own business sitting up in his condo most of the year isn’t exactly the sort of person that will draw the wrong type of attention unless they cause it.

The Philippines is generally safe and I wonder off to places all the time had a couple of incidents over 3 and a half years but then again I would say the same in the UK. Difference is here pretty much you never see the police, there are no security cameras and it does feel safer which says a lot about the country. There is paranoia in the Philippines about everywhere outside of a local community if you say your going to the next town at night I am pretty sure people will tell you how dangerous it is there as everywhere seems to be “dangerous” in many peoples eyes yet the risks are very small.