Not enough time in the day

I may seem a bit more irritable to people lately and although part of it is down to a lack of sleep due to being very busy it does seem there isn’t enough hours in the day. But at the same time I seem to be attracting some strange people for some reason as I was discussing with Andrew a friend of mine the other day as to why I haven’t been pushing the apartments for rent. Simply there seems to be a lot more oddballs around than before, don’t get me wrong some have been here for sometime just seems that there are more of them and with the last tenant being a maniac depressive I have simply moved into the apartment instead to use as an office rather than rent it out at least temporarily. Kento is off to Japan shortly but I will also probably keep his place empty until he gets back unless I can find a suitable tenant for it.

But in general everything is busy right now to the point I could do with a couple of weeks off just to relax at the same time got several new developments that I haven’t got the time to organize so another couple of things going on the back burner short term.