Not all beaches are clean in the Philippines

The Philippines although it has many beautiful locations you also have to be aware it has many bad locations. Pollution of some beaches for example come from rubbish that ends up in the rivers be it plastics, human waste or chemical. Eventually it all floats out and can end up blighting a length of the coastline further down. In Cebu for example I find the beach could be a beautiful place and once was over 25 years ago. But today its blighted with dirty nappy’s, plastics and waste that gets washed up on its shores. Heading down to Naga you find it’s difficult to see in the water but head another hour or so South and into Argao the water is far cleaner.
Although discussing this topic I expect we will see the “shouting down” that is part of the problem in the Philippines. Rather than admitting there is a problem and trying to fix it. You will often find people say “your beaches are no better!”. But we aren’t discussing the UK beaches and more importantly they aren’t my beaches. We are discussing the locations around the Philippines because from a foreigner’s point of view people need to know what to expect when they arrive. Even if booking a rental online they need to understand that not area has a beautiful coastline.

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