Northern Ireland Richard Douglas Agnew wanted over human trafficking in the Philippines

Richard Douglas Agnew

Although denying his involvement in human trafficking Police in the Philippines are seeking to charge the Northern Ireland man with violations in breach of the Philippines Anti-Trafficking  of persons act.

This followed raids on three nightclubs in Angeles City an area well known for sex tourism and Bikini bars. A bikini bar is not termed a brothel because the “work” is taken off the premises where an agreed fee is paid for the girl to leave work early and anything after that is negotiable between the girl and client (To get round the law).

2 of the 3 clubs raided are believed to be owned by Richard Douglas Agnew who is a former policemen from Larne. He wasn’t present during the raids although had been previously on a TV show called Northern Ireland Spotlight back in 2003 where  the show was examinining the sex trade in the Philippines and its links to Ireland. Back then he insisted he only worked as a “consultant” in some bars and rejected anything that was said to involve him in prostitution.

This is another typical example of things changing in the Philippines and a clamp down on foreigners involved in the sex industry. I mentioned before that the Police are mainly or only looking for Foreigners this is partly down to the stance being taken locally that its a “foreigner problem”.