Night out in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines – Negros trip part 10

Dumaguete After the visit to the sea sanctuary we arrived back at the beach hut and made a last minute decision for a run into Dumaguete for a night out. Only issue is we are 2hrs ride away and had to catch the last bus, a quick shave,shower and a splash of aftershave and ready to hit the town. We got to the main road just as the bus arrived and we were off. The last bus for Bindoy leaves at 8pm from Dumaguete so we weren’t going to be able to make it back tonight but looking forward to experiencing some of the nightlife of Damaguete.

The bus ride was something of a by the seat of your pants ride as not only did the bus go flat out, the roads were still scraped and just a layer of rock and to top it all off we were sat on the back seat of the bus letting us experience every single bump the bus hit. It was about an hour later we managed to move up the bus to a more comfortable seat with less bounce to finish the rest of the route.

Arriving in Dumaguete and wondering around it seemed to be geared towards tourism and had the feel good factor of a tourist location with plenty of live entertainment, restaurants and night life going on. The whole area was bustling and people seemed to be everywhere either hanging out having a beer and food or travelling around on motorcycles. Felt more like a UK beach location with the promenade and the setup of the bars and restaurants to anything else but it all works really well.

Aga and Jovie We found a local restaurant to eat as Jovie was starting to feel the rumbles of the ride and needing to refill on food. That’s the odd thing in the Philippines is that Filipinos generally seem to always be eating. We had already been to two parties where we could eat as much as we like but I think Jovie was a bit shy on eating too much especially around the mayor. Where me and Aga were happy to enjoy the opportunity to mingle as well as get a splash in the sea around the water sanctuary.

The restaurant we ate at mainly did native food and although the portions were small the prices were reasonable. On the downside though the food quality wasn’t great. Not the items themselves just that they were greasy, I had some prawns which were nice but the onion rings and fries that followed were left in a plate of grease. Which did make a good excuse for the next place to be for some beer to wash it all down with!

We stopped at a few places around Dumaguete promenade and prices were reasonable as well as no hassles from beggars along the main road. Plenty of free live music venues going on as well as a good variety of places to eat after a couple of red horses (local beer) Jovie was starting to feel the munchies again and had since getting to Dumaguete wanted to try the street foods as its one of the things people go for when visiting. Wasn’t long until we got to an area near the promenade.


Dumaguete street foods Dumaguete street foods

As we approached the area all the women in the red shirts stood up and start trying to sell you their food as each row is a different food vendor with seating. Aga went for the bulut which is a chip embryo and Jovie squid balls and some other stuff on a stick. I wasn’t too keen on trying anything else today as I had already eaten fish from 2 different locations didn’t want to risk an upset stomach with hours of  a ride home ahead. It was around now beggars appeared all seemed to be male children. There was a serenading guitar player you can see in the left photo above who approached people as they sat and ate singing a few songs. The chairs were children’s chairs not really built for my naturally slim figure so decided to walk around and take the photos you see on this page.

The next issue was finding somewhere to crash out for the evening as the last bus to where we came from left at 8pm and although time was getting on we waited until midnight before getting a place. Why? this isn’t always guaranteed to work but if a hotel or pension house is open you can normally negotiate a lower price because your only using the room for a specific period e.g. room vacancy might be 10am so not really getting full use of the room. We went to a pension house nearby to find the P200 rooms were full (oddly enough) although to be honest wasn’t to keen on it. We went up a set of stairs to a location above shops where the rooms were located. The wall were plywood partitions and if there was a fire I don’t think you would have to worry too much about getting out as simply you wouldn’t there was only one way in and one way out.

image The next location was a bit better and resembled a bit of a mock Arabian theme throughout the building the “O.K. Pension house” which was pretty much it the place was OK. its located on Sta. Rosa Street, Dumaguete City 6200, Philippines and the after midnight for a room worked as we got a P1,330 room for P770 which had TV and air conditioning. Only real issue was plastic doors on each of the rooms allowing you to hear anyone in the corridors moving around and talking. Got a good nights rest that’s for sure and awoke fresh the next day.