New windows being installed in the new building in Cebu, Philippines.

Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-1

With the lower windows either having new windows or with original. We are now concentrating on the top floor to seal up for the next process of renovations. Its been an on going project but with looking to relocate at the same time (Although keeping our buildings in the Philippines) its a month to month project. E.g. this is another batch of the windows, we did others the month before. Spending around  P15,000 a month buying and having them installed.

.Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-4Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-7Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-6

As you can see the top floor is still empty as we are working on the layout at the moment as this may just become a 3 bedroom apartment with open dining and sitting area. The windows on the right will be the next to be replaced and by November should hopefully be all the windows done. Next on the list will then be the partitioning and installing the bathrooms.

.Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-5Philippines-house-construction-update-new-windows-going-in-Photo by Matt Wilkie 2014-08-23-12.07-2

You will find people complain about quality of workmanship in the Philippines and I am one of them. It takes a bit of time to find the right people as you can get cheap labour but for the same price and waiting you can get the right labour. We even gave them a raise during the main construction phase to stop them being poached. But have to say the quality on this project I managed and had the right people working was a huge difference to work we had done before. The big thing being is that the right guys understand what your talking about. The wrong guys just say yes and take a rough guess on what is needed or do it they’re way even if you said don’t do it that way. The guys on this project although I went down every day to check progress knew what they had to do. Any issues told me so it could be dealt with the same day. This will soon be our main residence in the Philippines. Originally was going to be the main floor for the call centre but after analysing the business model I decided that we just need a tick over centre and a few good staff rather than a lot of staff where the quality would go down.