New Local Hobbies

The reason I say they are new locally is due to the fact of having to find them. Like most things here it takes knowing people to find the location of things. Next weekend is a prime example where I will be heading down to a 25 Hectare site which has fishing and shooting. Due to one of Aprils uncles knowing the owner and is a close friend. So hopefully will be doing some regular fishing and shooting soon. But the same goes for virtually everything in Cebu because most things are based on the “Long Nose Tax” as a friend of mine puts it. The foreigner price where there can be two or three prices for the same thing at the same location depending who you are and who you are with. Airsoft for example is a cheap sport as teams are keen to have a foreign player on the team and costs from P20 – P50 a session except competitions. Main thing is having fun. The reason Im posting this post here is I want “you” to add up anything you have in your area that people can contact you about to join. Or post the details on this post to try and help people get the most out of the holiday vacation to the Philippines or theyre long term stay here. Things can only improve if we all do our little bit and things like having a regular diving group can help the corals aswell as the local fishing industry etc.

So please post!