New Green Taxes for UK


The final nails in the Gordon Brown coffin have arrived today with new “green taxes”. Petrol is going up 1.25p from midnight tonight and also air passenger duty from £5 to £10 for most flights, Mr Brown rejected demands to re-link petrol prices to inflation but then again inflation is at 0 so how could he get more money out of an almost empty British taxpayers pocket. Thing is none of the money is going on “Green issues” and a new tax is looking at being introduced for wind turbines at £120.00 per household per year to help with the construction. But the big question I ask is why? All our electricity is privatised so why would I want to pay a company £120 a year from my household bills for them to build up wind Turbines? Do I get a tax rebate in the future? Do I get share options?? well we all know the answer to those questions.

The real issues here are the fact no matter which government gets in power in the UK none of them have actually done anything to fix the problems. Electricity, Gas and car fuel are becoming bigger issues by the year but have not been dealt with for decades so even when the Labour government is thrown out at the next election I doubt very much will change on these issues as like this one its a "tax” into the treasury not a redevelopment fund for new energies.

One thing that has come about the last few days is the realisation that its going to take at least 10 years to repair all the issues created by this government never mind all the other issues that have been ignored by all political parties. Difference is I honestly believe the time is running out to turn the tide as people are tightly squeezed as it is and undoing the problems is going to cost a lot more money.