Neighbours constructing new 2 storey houses


Although our construction has slowed there has been several reasons besides financial. There are a couple of guys in the neighbourhood I need for the labour work and literally everyone who is hands on is over the other side of the street working on these new small houses. Size wise I think they will be ideal for foreigners as well as locals as the bedroom upstairs with a sitting room/kitchen downstairs meets the needs of most people. So if your interested in renting one let me know as I can contact the owner ahead of completion. What you can’t see from the photo though is where I am stood is on the balcony of our rented apartment and the Sari-Sari is below so getting beer, cigarettes and snack foods is pretty easy its literally the other side of the road.

  IMG_0006 IMG_0068

As our own budget is going to be a lot tighter on the next projects I have been monitoring the methods people are using for the construction as a lot of the work we will be doing ourselves and getting an idea of how things are bonded and tied together are important and what better method than watching people hands on and cataloguing what they are doing. As you can see in the above photos the re-bars are formed and the shuttering is being setup for the concrete to be poured. Something that will probably involve three of us doing it ourselves although I am tempted to buy a cement mixer as it will be a long-term investment for more projects to come. Speeds everything up and makes sure the mixes are consistent.

The only issue I have noticed and what is concerning me is what will happen with the road as the footpath up to the buildings is likely to be concreted yet the 3 new houses and path will cover around 200 – 300sqm of land mass meaning all that rainwater will be heading to the road which still needs a lot of work to convert from a wet mud pit in the rain to a usable road. Part of this I have already started and will have some loose stone tipped along the road to start to level it up. Why not concrete? because the problem is I probed the road and have found the sand/dirt mix is at least a foot deep which is why previous attempts had all the concrete sink. Fill it with rock and stone letting traffic push it down for at least six months should help harden the ground up for putting  a top coat of rock and concrete at a later date as well as a drainage channel the length up to the river.

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