Naga, Cebu Blog


A month or so ago  I was doing random searches on blogs and came across which if you know Minglanilla is my neighbouring City (although I would be right in saying that its smaller than Minglanilla Town?) anyway the reason I thought I would share this site with you is that Ben and Marilyn have a done a great job in setting the site up and the community spirit that seems to be developed within the forums of Pinoy and Expats was nice to see as most websites I have come across are either 99% expat or 99% Pinoy so good to see a site breaking this rule. Aswell as the normal information you expect It has also information on the local elections and other local government topics that most of the other sites are missing its good to know they take the time to make the information available. The other reason I like the site is the fact they have concentrated on a particular City instead of an Island which gives the site more specific and accurate information. Aswell as the fact Ben and Marilyn know the area very well personally and if they dont know a specific topic relating to Naga they will know someone who will.