My Yamaha 50cc Scooter and Philippines mechanics

yamaha scooter philippinesThe big problem I have had with repairs on the scooter like most things here unless you go to a main dealer most people will say they can do it. My scooter has spent more time with mechanics than it has on the road. Originally had a electric starter problem which then ended up with a damaged crank which needed replaced. To eventually i ended up having to look at it myself as it seemed to get worse and worse the more times people repaired it. To the point now where i got it starting took it for a short run to fill the fuel tank to find the petrol was pouring into the engine which resulted in smoking and near enough fire. It appears parts are missing from the carburettor and also that most of the screws and bolts are missing. As its obviously too much work to put things back the way you found it even if your getting paid. Its now off to another mechanic to hopefully get it fixed once and for all and no doubt some parts will need replacing after letting loose a cowboy mechanic. I also removed a lot of the electrics that had been installed by the tampering original owner. The technique of cutting into wires and pulling for toy add-ons generally can lead to electrical leaks which is no doubt why its also on battery number three. Oh well as Jovie says to me often when these sort of things go on “welcome to the Philippines!”.