My Rusi Scooter Out And About In Cebu

Rusi Scooter

In a bad need of a wash at the same time it took me all over Cebu city today as far as “The Tops” with only two breakdowns. I do get the feeling there is some dirty fuel in the system somewhere rather than anything severe as it will just splutter and stop. Give it a minute and she’s off again which considering both cut outs happened within 30 minutes and I was out most of the day it does seem to ring true that its fuel related and slowly working out of the system. It may look a little odd in the photo with a gorilla pod bungeed down on the front of the scooter with a camcorder attached, added to that the satchel type bag slung over the handlebars with quick access to my camera and a second lens its pretty much how I have started day travelling around the city. I’m not confident enough in this Rusi vehicle to travel further than Cebu simply because its broken down virtually every time I have taken it out and even now I have reduced its throttle back as to not beast it but its still not giving me 100% in return.