my rant for today.. dont read if you dont want a headache!

This is one of those blog articles to explain who I am as a person if you don’t like it don’t read it.


I know I am a complicated individual and excessive in being competitive and learning. I don’t take second best more likely to die trying to be first than anything else and its always been part of my problem which leads to insomnia. I look at the world in a different way to a lot of people as I only see people, I don’t see race,colour,religion. I see people needing help on all levels and its not always financial, food but sometimes a simple hug or confidence boost to say “your right”. I cannot give up humanity as it would be giving up on myself. I may only be one person pushing forward on life but I hope this blog reflects on others and can inspire them to change and I will support anyone who wants to ride that bullet for the future. I look at the world and I see an uncertain future in peoples faces and corruption in every government on the planet. I cannot heal the world but I wish I could help others change their ways to a brighter future. I’m no hippy by the way I am more of a person that has not only realised my own values in life are wrong but that the suffering on the planet is pretty much man made. Today I watched a video clip sent to me with people being forced into fire to burn alive. Not only is the sickness of killing others horrific but the fact its sold and used on “extreme entertainment” websites. What has gone wrong with people? The administrator in my office previously had to deal with an uncle that was tortured and murdered as people looked on and no doubt turned up the TV sets to not hear his screams. Jenna didn’t like me calling her MY admin but the reason was not to annoy her but more to the fact that she was and is important to me. The people of the world lately are so wrong and its about time things changed for the better. Why do I suffer with insomnia? because its these things that keep me awake at night. I value life and the people around me, I value the people that have nothing, I value the fact that a smile from the foreigner shows they are worth something.. I value the fact I can help make the world change. I value the people who are prepared to make sacrifices to make that change.

A friend of mine joked about me laughing at god. Because my life seems so perfect and happy. But if you read between the lines I have no fear of death or sacrifice in the hope for a better world. I do not laugh at any religion or god.. I stand for humanity and change and prepared to accept that I may not be here forever. The life I have is mine,ours,us.. but I will always look to help,protect and offer comfort and friendship for others.