My past compared to present and future

I wonder how readers here see me? Do I have all the answers? do i find all the questions?  what makes me all seeing all knowing?

It’s very difficult to read someone’s writings without knowing their past and Nimesh wanted me to write more of it but my concern has always been other people that are part of those times in history. I remember things like as a child sitting playing with action men in our close while the main road at the top was in full riot between the community and army. Watching petrol bombs thrown into the army back in the days when we lived in Ireland after bloody Sunday. The days where even a shopping trip involved firearms as the chance of murder by the IRA were high. Before someone says that was 1972 I wasn’t born until 73.. like I said AFTER as the parachute regiment was pulled out and my fathers unit had to live with the aftermath. Back then the big concrete checkpoints used to see my father having kids bring up a small wooden pull cart full of petrol bombs that they would light and throw at the checkpoint before going home for dinner.

Its surprising how much the IRA played in our lives as kids as even a trip to a local store would involve climbing under the car to check for bombs before heading off. Which is why my wife always asks me now “why do I lock the front door every time I go to the house?” same reason. You expect the worst your prepared for it. Although the IRA did save our lives in one way we were due to go on holiday in July 1987 from Germany and were going via the Herald of Free enterprise Ferry which capsized due to leaving its bow doors open. Why didn’t we make the ferry? because there was a heightened bomb alert risk and every risk with the British military affects the numbers of people able to leave the camp. At this point the holiday was cancelled as soldiers have to be available at barracks.

Its strange looking back through life the things that used to go on even in my early teens. I spent most of it in Germany and I wouldn’t change it. I think my education from the army system came out well ahead of many of my schoolmates and it was just more fun. The UK has become so uptight on everything its forgotten about how life should be. There are defining moments such as some of the German kids nearby thought it would be fun to throw petrol bombs at us using glass 1ltr bottles normally used for things like Coke. Problem is they bounce and don’t break which resulted in them being thrown back. Still bouncing at which point we began chasing after them and a few things happened I can’t write about. Weeks later though everyone were friends as the “get British out” mentality had been on a high note but soon followed with they are just like us.

Back then we were into Ninjas and martial arts and done crazy things like absailed down the side of apartments on rope that was designed for yachts. Running and jumping off garages and climbing to the top of trees before jumping one to the other. The trees weren’t really an issue but one time I slipped on snow jumping off a garage (only one storey) and ended up taking a wooden impalement from a fence. Pulled myself off it and  around the same time we used to wait until dark and kick the street lights at the base as it put them into complete darkness. Nope it wasn’t damaged its created by rocking the fuse against the outer case to create a short which results in the light being off all night. Ideal for things like hide and seek or us rumbling through peoples gardens pretending to be ninjas. Really wild as kids.. We also managed to get “throwing stars” as by the canal there was a company that done something with metal scraps that resemble half of a bike cog off the chain but a lot sharper which we used to throw at each other. It was on one of our trips down to the canal side one day we discovered a lot of them stuck into an old rail yard wooden door which still had signs of blood on them. Few hours later it hit the news somebody had been murdered and dumped in the canal.

I experienced a lot more colourful life than many but just want to cut it off here as I am not sure if people are interested in hearing more.

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