My Octopus theory adjusted – Business in the Philippines

Basic CMYKOriginally I came up with the Octopus idea as a business setup because it seemed the most viable in the Philippines. Most foreigners seem to heavily invest in one venture to go broke in no time at all where the Octopus theory (I made it up) is that the head is you and the tentacles are lots of small businesses that you control. You should return to the centre and not get too heavily involved in one venture as your more of an overseer relying on reliable people to run the businesses although everyone is aware you are in tight control and knowledge of what is going on. The adjustment to the theory happened lately when I realised although a business venture is viable the person running it may not be and to save loss of face and politics it might be easier to just offload the venture and start a new one with someone else. The advantage of the Octopus theory is that you can afford once setup to lose the odd leg now and again to start something new as most businesses in the Philippines are small start up and although small profit can often be left to run themselves IF you can find the right people to run them. My biggest headache presently is staffing as I have a few ideas that need to start moving forward but often get dragged back to one presently which has lost me at least a month so far. I have also decided to give away my small business book as I haven’t had time to write it properly and constantly preoccupied with other matters. So be prepared the next few articles are the free book.. but also if you want to donate if you find it useful please do as I often wonder why I’m still sat here writing as it doesn’t make any financial sense and for information for expats arriving in the Philippines the articles already written pretty much cover most things and are fast approaching 2000 articles. I didn’t do the blog originally for financial gain but pretty much its getting near to where I can either cut it off or I need some financial gain to fund other projects. I want to do videos etc and presently can’t do that well can’t justify the expense in doing it.