My neighbourhood bitter retiree crazy..

Another set of emails this morning but this will be the last post about this person simply because I was hoping it was actually someone worth talking to but it isn’t. Its a little Troll that has been told by someone else to try and bother me which really says a lot about the person involved. As he neither knows me, hasn’t any connection with me and although stating living in Minglanilla he is actually located in Bacolod City which isn’t even on Cebu island. All in all can’t see the point of mentioning him again. Same as the person who suggested him to do it. Its all irrelevant and a total waste of my time. Although they are welcome to keep sending their childish emails that will just never get seen but I would advise trying to find something else to do to get out of that bitter old pit and do something useful and productive as it seems your very unhappy with yourself and your life. Bit disappointing really was hoping for someone who actually had a valid dispute or argument with me. But then again someone pulled a lot of things from a forum that I am connected with in a similar manner as at the end of the day “i stopped” using forums because its context was always the same. Recently I have started using a section of another forum simply because its open and has limited moderation because it means everyone can say what they are thinking or know. A prime example of over moderation is what has happened on the other forum which didn’t like the fact I said I had stopped using forums. They pulled my signature banner (Which they had put there) and took a website link out of their links (which they had put there). Me im pretty easy going I don’t expect to get on with everyone. At the same time I don’t expect everyone to get on with me either but hold no grudges either way as its not important. People have to remember your building sand castles here not great sculptures of history. When your gone its very likely you won’t even be remembered but while your here your supposed to be enjoying it before the tides wash everything away.