Museo Sugbo – Cebu Provincial Museum


I apologise for the fat stomach but its a work in progress (reduction that is!) Anyway we decided to have a day out at a local museum as I find that Cebu doesnt put enough of its heritage and history on show most people taking foreign influence over that of traditional which is a shame. As there are some really important and historical characters that fought for the Philippines during different eras. Im just glad this museum has a lot of the information still available although much is donated or borrowed from private collectors.

IMG_0055 IMG_0056

What many may find surprising is the museum was housed in the old Jail but Governor Gwen Garcia had the prison moved to another location. It shows what over crowding really means but also means visiting the museum you a really getting a 2 for 1 visit.IMG_0047

Looking at the prison it would make a great house something similar to what you could find in Spain or Southern France. But it wasnt always so beautiful and there is a lot of construction work currently going on I hope it doesnt lose its charm (as you can see from the 1st floor renovations).

IMG_0048 IMG_0051

On the right photo was the area kept for Police convicted of crimes. Although at the time couldnt get in to get a feel for the building we did get a few nice shots of the yard.


The old exercise yard.


The building on the right is one of the accomadation blocks. The inmates used to have bunk beds up to 6 beds high. Hard to believe literally 100s of prisoners lived in each one of these small blocks.

IMG_0064 IMG_0063

The cost of the museum was a donation of around P10 each. But we got a narrator to show us round and infact ended up discussing world politics with him for over an hour after the tour as he was very interested in things such as the recession as most people arent upto date on the world and how it affects the Philippines. I think this is partly down to news being mainly local rather than having political discussion and world news programs. Either way was an interesting tour and was good to see how Cebu developed over time aswell as the fact that Cebu once had a train service which was destroyed in the second world war.


Parking – Personally we parked right outside the front gate as the area does have a lot of bag snatchers and people who will break into your car operating in the area. So if visiting would advise taking a taxi or do what we do have a car even the locals dont want to steal lol..