Murder of mother and child in Minglanilla, Cebu.

Although I am currently not in Cebu myself at the minute the murder in Minglanilla hit a chord. In what appears to be a pre-planned murder by a contractor carrying out work at the home. A P25,000 loan of some description was given by the home owner to the contractor and things seem to have gone sour from there. I made this video below in relation to warning people to be careful loaning money in the Philippines, we are also very cautious on who enters our compounds never mind our home.

Remember that P25,000 is not a large amount even in the Philippines. But often short-term thinking is a major problem as consequence often doesn’t enter the mind. But also at what point did this person assume murder was acceptable? Because I am sorry to say its very likely the facts about what happened and the reasoning behind it will probably never come to light. As the media in the Philippines moves on very quickly but generally doesn’t carry out full investigative reporting, generally its speculative.

Although today there is a report as Robert Sharpe (husband) has been to Minglanilla police station to file a case against 34-year-old Manuel Labrador for the murder of Virginia, 37, and stepdaughter Mica Ella along with his alleged accomplices George Baquiran, 47, and Estelito Recamora, 58. The reasoning behind the murder still remains unanswered. Yes he did it for P25,000 but what is the reasoning behind this? As the project itself he had already received over P190,000. Shabu (Crystal Meth) has already been admitted as having been taken before the murder. The fact it seems they “prepared” before the killings shows that this was premeditated in my opinion.

My thoughts go out to the family and hope that Philippines justice goes some way to taking some of the pain away from the loss.