MP expenses row – UK


Whats with the picture? I had to walk into Worcester City the other day and this was on the side of boards attached to a council works yard. I think it pretty much shows how people are feeling. What you cant read on the photo is the book in Gordon Browns hands that says “Idiots Guide To A Recession”. The recession and this current scandal is making a lot of people angry on the failings of politicians.

Currently the Telegraph newspaper in the UK managed to get hold of the expenses of government members of parliment. Its a story thats run and run all week and has started to make cracks in the politicians. A couple of resignations and still a long list to go down. The biggest thing that concerns me is how these politicians assume they have done nothing wrong and its “within the rules”. Now if you were in a job somewhere or even a small business owner with some of the things they have been doing if you had done it you could guarantee a spell in jail for tax evasion, false accounting aswell as many other things. But I really cant understand why they dont understand why people are mad at them. They are either stupid or arrogant beyond belief. We are in the middle of a major recession and a lot of these people have led us into it blindly and have been milking the job for everything they could get.

Will it change politics? I doubt it but I do think it surprised people how much corruption is in British Politics.