Moving To The UK Good Decision In Bad Recession?

To be honest right now its difficult to say simply because there is so much up in the air in the UK. At the same time the opportunities are still there as well as the fact surveying is in demand (4 job offers in the last 5 days). May be struggling come December though until February as things start to slow down in the UK for the winter of discontent.

On the positive side second hand cars are readily available as fuel prices have rocketed. I’m sure a little 1.3l engine will get me where I want to be without breaking the bank (especially with claiming my miles back). At the same time April and the kids are unlikely to be in the UK until next summer which to be honest gives me time to get things organised in the UK properly. If a good work contract comes in and goes permanent it also helps towards the visa at the same time also means I can’t commit to a house rent/buy until I know where my work status lies. Which as a whole isn’t a bad thing as I can rent a room for £50 a week somewhere near where I will work and save the money I would  have spent on the running of a house until everyone arrives from the UK. Would be nice to pump some money back out to the Philippines for  few money spinning projects to help things to continue to develop here while I am there. Always seems cheaper in pounds and being miles away than wondering around hardware stores etc. in Cebu going how much!

Looking forward to getting back to work to be honest though as the slow pace of life in Cebu isn’t for me, never been one to sit around and even working here everything moves at snail pace with no one looking for the accelerator in life. Mad thing is I know if a lot of the people that do work for themselves actually picked up the pace on a regular basis in the Philippines they could double their income without even doing extra hours as I find productivity is often low. Same can be said for a lot of places in the UK though which I find fun when going on to a factory floor from time to time if work is quiet. Pushing production to the max is something I like doing as it can show the fact things can be done faster but more importantly means my time goes quicker! I remember working at a car headlamp factory in Droitwich over a Christmas period before where I got 5 machines in time with each other and could do 3/4 of the production on my own which normally takes 6 people. At the same time we actually completed a 12 hour shift of workload every 4 hours which in real terms meant once the work was finished it all stopped due to ”just in time working”.

All in all the UK is looking a bit bleak right now at the same time even if slow I can be making money somewhere as I am happy to just get on with what is available until I can get the work I want.