Moving House

Still suffering with afternoon showers here stopping us getting out. So instead of roaming starting to gear up for leaving the Philippines. I will be going ahead of my wife and we currently rent a house near my wife’s parents, but have now handed our notice in and today started locating all our possessions over to one of our apartments.

Our landlady was upset to see us go and today was asking my wife why now its still so long (We had given nearly 3 months notice so the landlady would be aware so she didn’t overspend). There is a reason we are moving early and its down to the fact the move to the UK is going to be a long one with a lot of things going on in between. Moving midway through all the paperwork we are sorting may end up losing some of the documents which is why I just want the move done and out the way so that everything can move forward on an even keel. Glad to say though hopefully one of our tenants will be back October to take on our apartment or the one he had last year as it help the landlady out financially.

Its surprising how much stuff gets collected over the years and also gives us a chance to have a clear out of stuff we don’t need. Also will be nice to move to where there are no dogs constantly whining from being tied up outside the kitchen window. I can manage the roosters but the dogs are just annoying part of being in the Philippines is getting used to noise constantly of some description as there is always something going on.