Moving forward with things

I have had a recent development which will make a few of my posts a bit more vague in future as not to offend some people although nobody seems to mind offending me.. but there you go so the information is likely to be more direct rather than what we actually doing in person. Doesn’t mean for example if you wanted information on building an apartment I won’t help you as simply I will happily share advice but at the same time I cannot be as open as I have been as regards projects we are doing and their locations over the next few years our life will develop here and simply I don’t mind people pestering me but its the other people involved. I will though for example be putting together a solar water heater next month and the step by step information will be laid out here on the blog as I found a more complex method of making one than using copper pipe or UPVC piping but I also want to test and compare its usage before everyone runs off and builds one to find out for example the heat is too much for the piping that will be used. So its a bit of an odd day here as simply I am being forced to keep a lot of things private to save disputes but at the same time it may work out better as in return I ask the people who think things are unfair or unjust to respect our privacy as well and we will leave things as they are. Walking the path of the blind man seems the best solution.

For those general readers I apologise as I would like to write things as they are but there are more people involved than I would like and its not people bothering me I am concerned about.