Moving forward with the blog..

This week has been very hectic to be honest but also was interested to see how the Osama stuff as well as other political things I have said recently affected things. In fact had no affect whatsoever on the blog. Had a few people stop talking to me which is fine but I suppose that’s the difference “I debate” they have taken it personal, either way doesn’t really make life any different at the same time though will stop putting political stuff in here simply because its counter productive as I end up with this chatter of things going on that A. isn’t relevant to the blog and B. becomes time consuming as the debates just go on and on.

On top of that wandering around the other day I came across some new locations for local photos so going out today to take some photos for an hour as I know many OFW’s love to see things around Minglanilla. But will also spend a bit of time doing repairs this week on the scooter as that wonderful piece of Chinese technology has developed an electrical fault that is cutting off all electrics, remove the fuse and put it back while the engine is running all is fine but otherwise dead.

I have also moved into the second apartment to use as a daily office currently and to be honest having second thoughts about renting it out as its a good workspace with low noise levels due to having only windows in the bathroom and bedroom. It does have solid glass bricks in the hollow block which is giving plenty of day light without the stereos, roosters and kid noise from the street so starting to feel like the perfect home..

All in all though things are plodding along, the revamped pricing on the internet cafe has meant that 3 PCs are pretty much full from 9am until 10pm and without any extra signs or promotion than what is on the gate. The Sari-Sari is also very busy to the point its often irritating because you can’t get 5mins to do something as well as the fact people don’t know how to wait barging in front of each other. Which is counter productive as I will make sure they wait either way. The other thing I am still trying to fathom out is the phrasing of certain products. Pond’s body products gets pronounced “pans” which in many countries including the local dialect Pan is bread roll. But getting there just trying to wonder why there is no emphasis on the “O” considering “OO” is yes in Cebuano.