Move to the Philippines?

Many people have moved here and I do wonder often what makes people Move To The Philippines in the first place as the majority of people arrive ill prepared for life in the Philippines. I remember thinking the guy who rented my apartment asking could he have a lunch made? I think he thought he had wondered into the Hilton or more importantly had read a lot of rubbish on the internet about life in the Philippines. Yes we have laundry women, maids, nanny’s etc but it doesn’t mean they are for the general use of someone renting a budget basic apartment they are personal staff for the family and start the room service and suddenly your running around after someone who needs his own baby sitter. Don’t get me wrong as within 24hrs he had managed to get robbed on a jeepney had a mental breakdown and run away.

This and many other reasons makes me wonder why people Move To The Philippines in the first place as they are obviously not going to survive very long and its why many fall foul. If your going to come and live in the Philippines you need to understand how the country works and how you can and will need to be able to support yourself. The Philippines life can be a wonderful one but just as likely to spiral out of control if not planning ahead there is no safety net to protect you in many cases unless you create it. People expect a bailout from the embassy’s but I would ask you to search round and find someone who got helped out. Find anyone? Embassy’s are for trade not trivial citizen issues as they will see it. Generally that’s also how they deal with it by ignoring you or just recommending a lawyer and doing very little else to help you.

The biggest issue though is lifestyle changes when people Move To The Philippines as I find myself missing some of those homely treats or as a tenant also found out used to microwave meals that there are no TV dinners here you want it you make it. Head into the provinces or poor districts which make up over 70% of the population most don’t own a refrigerator never mind a microwave. Mass market has skipped this country in that respect as there isn’t enough money to finance it for the average person which is why eating here is often a chore if your in a hurry unless your into instant noodles. Budgeting for medical needs is also something people over look when they come to live in the Philippines yet its an essential part of life you should be thinking as no money here leads to death. Ask someone about things that could be cured abroad yet here they died due to a lack of funds, treatment is based on budget not your illness.

Saying all this if you can adapt and learn to live in the Philippines properly you can find it a wonderful interesting life with lots of things to see and do. It was cheap before but I am finding it increasingly expensive as prices are going up while incomes for many around me are declining due to being tied with the Dollar or Sterling. At the same time if you can adjust to living a reasonable standard of living its not really a problem I find myself sat here for getting on 4 years that you can manage on a smaller budget than most other people are doing, you just need to adapt to your surroundings doesn’t have to be dull or boring more to the point its locating yourself where you can keep yourself occupied and busy or access to doing business.