Mountain Biking – Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

Mountain bike race, minglanilla, cebu, philippinesI was invited to a mountain biking event nearby by a friend I know from Facebook. Not to compete but to take some photos, although not competing it was a day enjoyed watching people compete and managed to get some good photos at the same time. Its also something a lot of expats don’t do which is try to integrate into the local community. I am well aware we are often seen as the “foreigner” but at the same time its also something I noticed that is respected. E.g. in Airsoft many teams would like to have foreigners on their teams purely because there are so few people competing from outside the local population. It also gives people the opportunity to learn new skills and share knowledge.

The other thing I always find at events is that I am well received as people are proud and happy that you have come along to the events. The local mountain bike competition is an annual event but also events like this are an ideal platform to get introduced to people and the sport. Most of the bikes in use for the mountain biking are around P12,000 upwards but have to be for durability like most sports the initial cost is the hard part after that its a lot lighter on the wallet. There is another event next week which is more of a bike for peace event not 100% sure what its all about but looking forward to going along. There is also an annual extreme event held in Cebu which is over 500km and runs until finished which covers a large amount of the coast of the island. I will find out more details and add them as it may be something people may want to drop by and give a bit of moral support when the cyclists pass or even if your fit enough compete.

Mountain bike race, minglanilla, cebu, philippines Mountain bike race, minglanilla, cebu, philippines