Motorcycle tyres in the Philippines wear and tear

worn motorcycle tyre and damaged rim

Riding the roads in the Philippines will often take its toll on a motorcycle or scooter, as you can see here my tyre is not only worn out but also where the rim is dented the tyre has also gained a soft spot due to a rock which was in a pot hole that also caught the rim. Not difficult to fix just a bit expensive when you can get punctures on a regular basis and the tyre is less than 12 months old. The rattling around with potholes and the fact many roads are nothing more than tracks does mean bikes become prone to things falling off and electrical faults due to the excess movement. I am now looking at changing the tyre for the same rim but a wider tyre to try and see if it helps especially with grip in the wet weather. All good fun but things just to be aware of if I remember right a friend Erik got around 9 punctures in the space of a few months just driving on roads near his home.