Motorcycle ride to Bindoy, Negros Oriental (Negros trip part 6)

farm workers negros orientalfarmland negros oriental farmland negros orientalfarmland negros oriental


It was a break anytime we stopped to let traffic pass on the bumpy roads as some sections only had 50% of the road operational so all traffic was stuck to using one lane temporarily. Never waited long but being able to stop let the aches and pain stop and time to stand up and get some feeling in the legs.


Along the roads though it did seem to be an endless sea of green as every field we came across was producing something. No land seemed unutilised even in the towns as we past everyone seemed to be busy. The whole community seemed to be thriving. We passed a fish farm which I can only describe the house in the middle of miles of fish farms as the owners house. There were caretakers shacks as well but as you can see with the house below it does seem to show someone is doing well out of the fish trade.

fish pond owners negros oriental

Its pretty much as you see all over the Philippines though the complete contrasts of wealth between rich and poor. Most of the towns along the route seemed more like market towns than anything with heavy development. As we grew nearer our final destination the whole scenery seemed to change rather quickly as we headed along a coastal road to land that looks more ideal for a tourist development with its clean beaches and rivers.

beach negros

road negros river in negros oriental river in negros oriental Municipal Hal Lungsod barangay hall river in negros oriental sea hitting rocks near bindoy,negros,philippines near bindoy traditional filipino house  fisherman near bindoy,negros,philippines

Lots of natural beauty along the way and wish we had more time to see each properly. aswell as able to talk to the locals to find out the things that are off the main roads that would be of interest. Wasn’t long until we hit Bindoy to meet up with Jovie and take a look at our rented beach hut.