More Fire Teams Needed For Cebu

Fires are very common in the Philippines down to poor electrics as well as things like the fireworks factories normally located in crazy places that can destroy neighbourhoods.

In Cebu a fire broke out in Barangay Canduman, Mandaue at a photographers home  around 9.30am the fire broke out at Omega Street, Barangay Apas. Although brought quickly under control by using extinguishers from a neighbouring bakeshop a school had to evacuate children from classrooms for safety. The cause of the fire was believed to be an exhaust fan that had caught fire after it had been left unattended. It was under control within 12 minutes,Cost of damages believed to be around P50,000

Shortly after at 10.50am another fire broke out in Nivel Hills, Barangay Busay. The cause believed to be “electrical misuse”. The electrical fire is believed to have developed in the basement of the property, the fire was back under control within 17minutes and around P70,000 of damage is believed to have been caused.

Cebu City Fire Marshall Aderson Comar requested that barangay disaster brigades be activated as currently there are only a few in operation and also said that he "expressed disappointment that barangay officials had accused fire-fighters of delayed responses to alarms”.

The reasoning behind this is that the fire brigades need to travel distances to arrive at the scene of the fire while local barangay disaster brigades should be in active operation ahead of them trying to contain the fire to stop it spreading. Its why you find often in the Philippines one house fire can literally burn out hundreds of homes.

The number of active volunteer groups currently stands at 20 out of 80 barangays even though 54 out of the 80 have disaster brigades of some form.

Excuse is that “village chiefs have other priorities”. Doesn’t rest easy with me that’s for sure as we had a fire in the neighbourhood before, luckily because of our setup we were able to contain it until the fire brigade arrived due to having a hose and a good electric water pump.

2 comments for “More Fire Teams Needed For Cebu

  1. August 24, 2011 at 7:57 am

    pay isnt that great i think so not many are motivated to be in fire team considering the risk involved

  2. Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
    August 24, 2011 at 8:21 am

    Maybe but these are volunteer fire services it should be free except for obviously equipment. Many services in the UK are volunteer without pay.Also these are people living in the communities on fire so a social responsibility should exist for people to help each other. The commitment would or should be at least 1 day a week for training but also that the people need to be readily available in an emergency.