Mooon Cafe – Guadalupe, Cebu, Philippines

mooon cafe, guadalupe, cebu, philippines

We arrived at Mooon Cafe (yes its three “O”s) after a nice meal at Dong Juan’s restaurant which is a stones throw away from Mooon. I hadn’t been here before as generally we either end up meeting people in the central parts of Cebu or down in Minglanilla at AA BBQ. So it was nice to come out to somewhere different. The design is Mexican and the restaurant colours pretty much shine throughout the whole building with that theme. Nice finishing touches on the layout right down to the wooden tables and chairs. Its somewhere we will no doubt visit again in the future. chimichanga, mooon cafe, cebuWe had some Chimichanga’s with our beers which were a bit rich for me not the fault of the restaurant I’m just not into deep fried food as the cheese made it a little sickly for my taste buds. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it mind and the food soon disappeared. mooon cafe, cebu, philippinesThe pitchers (jugs) of beer slipped down a little too well and served chilled as well as a bucket of ice was a good refresher after our meal and a relaxing night. The atmosphere in the restaurant was a little quiet without any music on at all I think even just a low volume of classical guitar with a bit of a Mexican theme would work wonders in the background. Great place to try out and reasonably priced need to try some of the Mexican dishes next time we are there mind as I love Mexican food just the fact we had eaten earlier stopped us. The size of the restaurant as well is ideal for parties and convenient location and parking are also good reasons for using the restaurant if in the City meeting friends.

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