Money makes the world go round?

At school we learn that you need a better education to get a better job to build a better career. But where does it lead? Some of the happiest people I know have the most simple of jobs with the least complicated lives. The media hype that encourages people that they need the latest trainers, a new car or to follow fashion just encourage sales and
purchases of things quite simply we just don’t need. I left my ex-girlfriend before I met April with a bag of clothing and a few personal items. Did I miss anything left behind? Quite simply “my daughter” nothing else matters it’s all material items. I know many people go through a split with court cases to divide the assets with the only winner being the lawyers. Only advice I would give on this is it’s just not worth it, half the stuff you end up with you will no longer want. Better to just cut a deal that they keep everything and just stay out of your life as long as you have access to your kids. Everything else can be replaced but the kids are where the real wealth is. Seeing your kids grow old, being there when they need you most, graduate etc. Is priceless..

Getting back to the main reason for this article.. Point is many of us escape to the Philippines to get out of the rat race. A lot of the time people have the misconception of the tropics full of perverts and women chasers.. Mainly by people who either havent ventured further than their countries borders or more than a 2hrs flight from their home.
But what do they generally do with their work? Clock in clock out go home and do the same routine week after week. Pay the mortgage and maybe get a few household goods or an extension on the house. But for what?? Spend an entire life building up a collection of things that aren’t needed and will probably end up in a land fill or argued over by siblings after death.

Truth is the people around you are the real gems of life, spend time with them and spend it wisely. A few years ago there was someone i knew who after 20 years of building a company up with a friend from university got cancer.. up until then had spent most of his time in their factory for most of his working life days, nights, weekends, rarely having holidays. After finding the clock had almost run out and surviving treatment he changed his whole life. Got a manager to run his half the business and spends most of his time now enjoying golf and doing the things he should have been doing before the incident that changed his life. I’ve had a few incidents of friends and family going through a lot of life changing experiences the last few years from relatives with MS, medical blunders at a hospital where a friend died on a routine operation aswell as many other calling cards.

Where am I leading too.. well simply this is your life this is it, no re-runs no rewinds your running your path and its only going in one direction. You may look at moving abroad to a retirement home etc. But it always makes me wonder when will you retire? I look at things in my life and ive done pretty well im near the top of my game, have a great wife and lovely daughters. But starting to feel the strain of the workload that comes with the high money but after this year the money wont be as important as it has been in the past.
Quite simply im content with living in a small farm out the back of Minglanila. I don’t need a flash car or a big tv. Just the things in life that matter a happy family content with the simple things in life. No chasing the latest goods just building a self-sufficient
farm and popping on a plane once or twice a year to top up funds. It’s not dropping off the planet but I’m hoping to drop my stress levels by at least 50% and its sustainable long-term. Once we have extended the farm big enough to accommodate the livestock we are hoping to have. But time will tell.. Many people have said start with a big investment and end up with a small one in the Philippines.. maybe true but it’s not the money i care about its creating a sustainable business. I could invest money elsewhere and live off the interest but what would I do with my time? Need to be busy but doing something I want to be doing.

For me getting out the rat race and having time for my family is the most important. I just hope you do the same.. see the world for what it is, the new car may gleam in the sun for a year or two… But your child’s gleaming smile stays in your heart forever.