Mobile phone or Cellphone?

If you are from the UK we call a Cell phone a mobile phone a lot of the words in the Philippines are American English so if your British be aware of that fact. Sometimes its frustrating but you get used to it. Anyway getting back to the phones. If you have old phones in the UK as most people get a new one with every contract you can bring them here as they will work. Not only that you can sell them in most malls or they make good gifts for relatives of your partner. I think so far I’ve brought around 10 to 15 phones which were cluttering up my parents house some are over 5 years old but still a pretty good phone in the Philippines as the important thing here is being functional not what mod cons it has (although that does count as an Anyway another idea if you have mobile phones be aware that even an old phone could be worth over £10.00 so if you want to do things for a charity bring your old phones sell them at a mall and then you can give a donation with money that hasn’t even come from your wallet. At the same time decluttering a drawer at home.

Mercy in action is a charity i would recommend its run by a British family which has several projects involved in various things. You could even contact Emily direct and visit the feeding program or Tapul mountain projects around Cebu. Definitely a good day out and humbling. But also a worthy project to donate your old mobile phones sale to.