Missy the dog died back in the UK yesterday

missy dog Yesterday was a dark day as the family dog had to be put to rest due to developing cancer, but it also spun a bit of an odd thing today when I thought about visiting the furniture maker the other day as when riding back I was taking some photos when I seen a large piece of bamboo come slamming down. Now I have heard the sound before back in the UK and its something you remember, anyone who’s heard it will know what I am talking about as the bamboo literally smashed a dogs head quickly followed by blows from another piece of bamboo by someone else. A bit grim for the ride home back to Minglanilla,Cebu but at the same time discussing it with Aga who was with me he mentioned the dog has probably bitten someone or crazy with rabies. Not a painless death that was for sure but possibly something that needed doing to reduce the risk of infection in the area.

The reason it brought up the memory while in the garden today is knowing how much Missy was loved by my family and will be missed. A painless injection no doubt was given to her still a bit of an odd place to go the vets though as that was our second dog since 1989 and at least one cat has had to go to the vet for the same reason.

Here in the Philippines though dogs are pretty much everywhere in Cebu provinces just roaming around, like the ride to Negros where we counted around 20 we nearly run over on the way back. No wonder rabies is a problem in the first place when things are left to their own devices. Complete opposite extremes as even expensive dogs here are kept in what we would use as travel or vet recovery cages. Unlike most of my friends and family where dogs are part of the family.