Miss Gay Teen Pageant – Fiesta Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

There is a term you will here Expats use sometimes which is “Only in the Philippines” and its often just like a shrug of the shoulders nothing personal or against anything but just sometimes things just are the way they are thinking about it only resolves in a headache. Now before people start thinking I am against the Pageant its actually to do with the night that followed. Because the Pageant itself people took very seriously. If you were there and seen the other days you would notice that on the Pageant night extra lighting appeared with affects and also a few stage props. Fencing and a central area for seating for people who seemed to be relatives complete with tables. It was IMG_0349 the fact that the pageant took place and the day after was a mock version of guys who are straight dressed in women’s clothes pretending to be gay. Only in the Philippines is something like that likely to happen I think its the fact that generally people here are so laid back that its acceptable nobody seemed offended by it and both nights gathered a fairly large crowd.


All in all the events were opposites of each other. The Pageant reminded me something like Miss world with a bit of comedy thrown in. The participants had obviously spent a lot of time and money on the clothes they wore. The swimwear was a bit more skimpy than I had expected but then again the competition between the contestants was pretty strong they all wanted to win. But along the way talking a bit about themselves several of the contestants came up with witty and funny speeches to the enjoyment of the crowd.

IMG_0357On a different level the guys who were dressing up as women pretending to be gay were all about comedy. Most seemed a bit worse for wear no doubt from alcohol and a lot of comical answers to questions which led to roars of laughter and cheering from the crowd.

Its good to see things being done from within the community. But also a bigger budget would make it better for all involved. Who knows maybe next year we will do some sort of assistance such as stage etc. I won’t promise anything this year as simply we don’t know where things will be financially next year yet.