Minglanilla,Cebu, Philippines town at night

I worked in the exhibition circuit years ago and its being part of that you get to see all the things behind the scenes that make things like the car shows all glitzy and full of “Wow” to get people to buy they’re products. In the retail market I spent time shopping and pub fitting refitting the buildings as well as working within maintenance divisions that also let you see how the army of people that make businesses tick runaround in the background often not noticed.

The other night I decided to explore Minglanilla at night to see what goes on when everyone goes home. It was a bit of an odd occurrence as it was a bit busier than expected. I came across a guy making Puso (Rice) which involves woven bags made from banana leaves that rice is poured into before cooking. He works from midnight until 6am for his neighbour next door that normally does the weaving his job being to fill the bags with rice ready for the following day. Arranged to pop back another day with my camera as well as talk to the owner of the store next door that sells the rice cooked.

I then spent a bit of time round the market although closed there will still plenty of people wandering around as well as homeless people lay across the entrance of a bakers asleep. Everyone seemed friendly enough and bumped into someone from the neighbourhood as well as someone who was at school with my wife’s brother a tattoo artist. Not sure why so many people hung out around the market area at night as it wasn’t exactly a “party type scene”.

Also appeared while talking with some of the guys on the corner a group of girls that seemed to be looking for customers for the evening. Avoided them but later bumped into the same people as they were complaining they had nowhere to stay the night it then became apparent they had worked their way up from Negros, around 15 girls and what I could only call a pimp or trafficker not sure. It was at this time I decided to call it a night and go home as it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting in such a quiet town and was more interested in seeing fishermen bringing in a catch at the beach.